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Automatic all-in-one letter bending machine


Automatic all-in-one channel letter bending machine

Equipment Advantages:

1. Independent double slotting system, the real realization of different types of materials freely processing.

2 Automatic adjustment of cutting depth for both planer and milling cutter slotting, easy to operate

3 The planer is made with hard alloy finished , cutting stable and smooth , blade grain with a number of tips can be used separately,maintenance-free,and free grinding,low cost. Precision milling cutter can swing all around,Identify angle automatically, processing variety of aluminum profile.

4 Automatic adjust for plane blade,free adjust for slotting depth.

5 One-step switch system for double-pole alternate bending for metal coil,and patent extrusion bending system for aluminum profile,switch freely, no need adjust again when change materials.


6 High power servo control system , high precision, fast speed, high torque, improve working efficiency.

7 With length closed-loop control system, length precision software control,zero error.

8 Independent material rack, to ensure the stability of equipment feeding.

9 Software can switch between two slotting system freely, simple interface, easy to learn and operate.



 Technical parameters

Material Height


Applicable Materials

Stainless steel, galvanized sheet, iron, aluminum, copper and other

Metal coil;

edge aluminum , aluminum profile or other special-shaped profile

File Format


Minimum Bending Radius

R=3 MM

Material Thickness


Peak Power


Length Accuracy


Feeding Torque


Planer Slotted Torque Peak


            Arc Bending Torque Peak




Surface Treatment of Work-piece

Full chrome plating





Working Pressure





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