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13 kinds of advertising letters (part 2)

Time:2017-8-30 17:09:47

6.Iron letters, have sub-plane iron and convex iron,material is metal beating, with welding form, paint color, the advantage is affordable, you can do large-size fonts, resistant to time, easy to install, colors can keep three to five years (oven paint). The disadvantage is that no light at night, only suitable for outdoor viewing, generally used in business units or large-scale publicity of the building.

7.stainless steel letters, according to galvanized sheet,stainless steel is precious metals, coupled with its unique texture of the metal, people let it appear the true color of itself, stainless steel, people use its "stainless" features, using Polished (hairy) surface that matte treatment, or directly using 8K (mirror) treatment, let its dazzling, over the years people use this process.


8.Aluminum letters, the most important features:

1, light - because the aluminum plate per square meter weight of 2.71kg / mm, so the panel thickness can be up to 3mm or more, greatly increasing the font surface flatness;

2, not rust - aluminum oxidation is slow, and there will be no rust stained wall;

3, easy to color - easy to make the film attached, if processed properly, the surface durability can be comparable with the car finish;

4, easy installation - due to low weight, the installation is much lighter.

9.Gold foil letters: some hospital use of this process, on the one hand its valuable (real material in terms of technology), on the other hand the commercial site may be its better destination。

10.Titanium letters, the titanium surface is more bright, gives a glittering feeling, the material is generally: titanium plate, galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate. The process sequence: letter sample - materials selection - cutting - slot - welding - polishing - plating - spray film



11.light box letters: a combination of stainless steel and aluminum letters of the process, the biggest breakthrough is the text itself glow at night,the specific approach is to hollow the text strokes, for translucent acrylic sheet, installed the cold light source (fluorescent tube) or neon light inside, so that it can use the natural color contrast effect during the day, and at night looks like its own light, the surrounding walls have no light spot, letters effect is quite obvious and prominent.

12.Mini-luminous letters, also known as polymer luminous letters, is new of nearly this two years , full imported polymer acrylic material produced, with the appearance of fine, small, noble, stylish and luminous uniform and other characteristics, loved by the customers.

13.Exposed channel letters: the difference is the light source, it is a small dot LED lamp beads, covered with the panel, the advantage is regardless of day and night can issue a strong light source , And energy saving, suitable for store signs, KTV, nightclubs, hotels,and other entertainment signs.




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