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13 kinds of advertising letters (part 1)

Time:2017-8-15 10:28:59

Advertising letters have been closely related to our lives, with the progress and development of the times, it will also be more and more, the scope of application will be more and more widely. According to the characteristics of advertising letters, technology process, can be divided to 13 kinds:

1.Not with light, mainly based on the crystal letter,

mainly used in the enterprise background wall or relatively door , the material is plexiglass plate,engraving process.

2.PVC letters

also with no light.thickness normally 1-3mm,cost low.engraving process.normally used in indoor and outdoor, corporate or shop image of the wall, signs, indicator, administrative doors, etc. (indoor better).For the current sign, this has been eliminated a lot. Can not meet the needs of users at night!

3.Three sides Acrylic luminous letters,

the front and the side are acrylic, the bottom of the PVC for the edge of the word: the material for the acrylic panel,PVC material edge, with LED light source , The surface gloss, bright colors, waterproof, the most important thing is energy saving, the disadvantage is that the letters can not be done too small, suitable for indoor and outdoor, store signs, large-scale publicity business logo.


4.Blister luminous letters,

material functions and flat-panel luminous letters are similar,but the letters strokes for the raised tangible surface, the advantage is more strong, wear-resistant, waterproof, energy saving. But color fade easy.Suitable for all kinds of outdoor advertising words, and the whole plastic panels are more suitable for the store signs and image of the wall.


Besides of advantages of iron letters, there is a special, that is not rust. magnificent, very dignified. Many government units use this letters a lot, It is also easy get oxidized so people often  polish the surface, and then do the painting(anti rust), so keep glittering.

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